Cichlid Christmas Sale!

We currently have a Christmas special going on our cichlids!

ALL African cichlids are on sale for 20% off until December 24th, 2014!

We've got a great variety of cichlids currently in stock, including:

Azureus Cichlid
Blue Maingano
Female Sunshine Peacock
Demasoni (Pseudotropheus)
Red Peacock
Rusty Cichlid
Taiwan Reef Steveni
Flameback Cichlid
Blue Socolofi
(Dimidochromis) Compressiceps (Small, Med, & Lg)
Red Top Hongi
Assorted Mixed Peacock

Brichardi Cichlid (Neolamprologus)
Julidochromis Marlieri
Frontosa Cichlid
Kennyi Cichlid
Crimson Tide
Acei Cichlid
Yellow Blaze Lithobates
Red Flank Pundamilia
P. Milomo VC-10 Cichlid
Electric Yellow Labs
P. Flavus Cichlid
Blue Dolphins

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