New Aqua UV Sterilizers In Stock!

We just got several new Aqua Ultraviolet UV Sterilizers in! UV sterilizers help control algae, bacteria, and protozoa growth in your aquarium and can help to clarify your water. Below is a list of details about these sterilizers:

Aqua UV Classic 8W:
Freshwater Pond Clarifier: 1500g, Freshwater Pond Sterilizer: 5-200g,
Saltwater Sterilizer: 70g

Aqua UV Classic 15W w/ Wipers:
Freshwater Pond Clarifier: 2000g, Freshwater Pond Sterilizer: 200-500g,
Saltwater Sterilizer: 75g

Aqua UV Classic 25W w/ Wipers:
Freshwater Pond Clarifier: 4000g, Freshwater Pond Sterilizer: 500-1200g,
Saltwater Sterilizer: 150g

Aqua UV Classic 57W w/ Wipers:
Special Order Only
Freshwater Pond Clarifier: 6500g, Freshwater Pond Sterilizer: 1,500-3,000g,
Saltwater Sterilizer: 355g

These UV sterilizers would make a great addition to your pond or aquarium! Stop by The True Percula today and check them out today!

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