Drip Acclimation

Proper acclimation is absolutely vital when introducing new livestock to your aquarium. The True Percula recommends the drip acclimation method for both saltwater and freshwater additions. It is considered the best and safest method for all fish and invertebrates, including coral. The water in your tank will differ in PH, salinity, and temperature from the water used to transport your livestock. If your livestock isn't properly acclimated, these differences can cause your livestock to go into shock or even die.

A drip acclimation kit typically consists of a length of airline tubing, a valve, and one or two clips to hold the tubing in place. In addition to a drip acclimation kit, you will also need a container (clean and chemical free), a net, and 1-2 towels. Your container should be at least large enough to safely hold triple the water volume contained in the transport bag.

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